Three business fields create abundant synergy
furthering each other’s true value.

Our company name “Triple One” actually incorporates various meanings. Top amongst those is our three business fields. Engineering Business, Systems Business, and Products Business at time organically partner to exhibit large synergy effect even while deploying their own independent business. Our greatest strength may be that system of cooperation without barriers.


Contributing to near-future technology
centering on LSI technology

At the Engineering Business Division, we provide hardware and software development and design services according to client needs, with the LSI-related technology of high density integrated circuits as the key.
We have worked on much LSI development for communication and video up to now at this business division, focusing efforts on front-line product creation such as that related to development of image sensors incorporated in state-of-the-art mirrorless cameras. Moreover, we contribute to formation of near-future engineering technologies through new LSI design, development, and verification as demonstrated by receiving offers from major electronics manufacturers to design next-generation chips.
Another strength of this business division is ability to develop system LSIs such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) and system on a chip (SoC) where multiple functions are incorporated at the logic design stage. Once those are incorporated, corrections cannot be made, so even small mistakes are inexcusable. The accumulation of experience over a quarter century, ability to make proposals from the specifications stage, and the deep trust that clients have in us are what enable us to be entrusted with projects that require such sophisticated technology.
The performance of CPUs, the heart of computers, advances at a rapid pace, and recently CPU boards too have come to incorporate various functions and applications. That provides a chance for us to show off our abilities in LSI technologies the business division specializes in, and there are many fields where achievements can be made only by us. In areas such as care support systems for the elderly and robots that integrate highly sensitive sensor and image technologies, we intend to work on development of our own products that make use of our unique technologies.


Cutting-edge development
where specialists
in mechatronics come together

The Systems Business Division is located in the Yokohama Office where it works on design and production for mechatronics. Major clients are the world’s top semiconductor manufacturing and inspection device manufacturers, which demonstrates the deep trust the Division has been given.
Strengths of the Systems Business Division are more than just high levels of sophisticated and precise technologies, also including the dexterity to quickly shift to problem-solving activities when problems occur. With main clients in particular, we have developed relationships over more than 20 years, building up the overwhelming trust they have in us to perceive their true needs when given vague requests and quickly reflect those in results.
The individual engineers who have come together in the Systems Business Division are specialists in certain fields and all are able to handle state-of-the-art 3D-CAD, spurring inter-departmental exchanges and enabling them to stimulate each other and hone their skills. In recent years, we have been working on building technologies for the near future, such as development of robots that support transport systems, with all personnel applying themselves to this task. We are also looking to work on our own original products, and all of us are taking on with a sense of enjoyment the challenge of our management vision “advancing present technologies with the addition of dreams.”
The Yokohama Office earned KES Environmental Management System Standard certification in April 2014 and has worked to make improvements in terms of environmental burden, such as reducing CO2 emissions. Into the future, we aim to build an organization that can better contribute to society in ways other than business, taking a hard look at preserving the environment.


Focusing on independent
in EMS with
“something more” in terms of technology

There are many so-called “fabless” companies in the manufacturing industry that do not own their own factories. The Products Business Division deploys “manufacturer trading company like” EMS business where products are created and delivered based on design orders mainly for such fabless clients.
At the time the company was established, the Products Business Division was positioned as an IT components sales agent. In order give added value, we built a mechanism for proposing product formation instead of just sales, unifying tasks from component procurement and assembly to delivery. We have earned the confidence of fabless companies as everything can be done all from a single order, gaining us a stable supply of repeat orders.
Some of Japan’s top manufacturers are important clients for the Products Business Division. Cases occur sporadically at such manufacturers where it is inconvenient to do production on large lines at their own factories, such as small lots and short deadlines and re-release of items that are out of production. Our Products Business Division can flexibly handle such orders, so we have built up good relationships with them over time. We have received orders from a diverse range of fields including control boards for communications equipment and wireless equipment, control boards for semiconductor inspection devices, and sensors for equipment on ships.
Recently, companies selling online have appeared, deploying services similar to those of the Products Business Division. However, we have emphasized “face-to-face” relationships, reflecting in products the topics we obtained from abundant communication. That is the strength of the Products Business Division, and by providing “something more” that is unobtainable with online sales, it will lead to results greater than expected by clients .