Business Introduction

Engineering business
In the engineering business, we provide hardware and software development design services to clients in the form of dispatch or contract development. We mainly perform LSI verification, FPGA design etc based on LSI development design technology, so we can respond from the production stage of specification sheet. In response to the demand for securing human resources associated with the expansion of business by major clients such as electrical manufacturers, semiconductor companies, industrial equipment makers, etc., we have been engaged in numerous LSI development of communication and image systems so far, We have been highly appreciated for technical strength in the field and ability to produce specifications.

The main service results are as follows.

・ Device development: Design of custom LSI, ASIC, FPGA, SOC, layout design and verification
・ System development: Circuit design, actual machine verification
・ Design and verification of firmware / application software

Products Business
In the products business, we conduct consistent EMS from provision of semiconductors and electronic parts and parts procurement. Based on the accumulated experience in the electronics related technology field since its foundation for clients in various industries, we collect the latest product / technology information in the industrial field and research and development field, flexibly respond to market needs , We have offered more value-added products and offered them. In addition, based on long-standing trading experience with many agencies, suppliers and cooperating companies, we have established a system aiming for stable supply. As a result, it is possible to supply with short delivery times, small lots and provide discontinued items.

Main supply results are as follows.
・ Parts for semiconductor inspection equipment and EMS products
・ Parts for marine equipment and EMS products
・ Parts for spectrometers and EMS products

System business
In the system business, we do consistently from design development of mechatronics to processing, assembly and manufacture.
We have product processing technology with accuracy on the order of microns, and utilize the latest 3D CAD to provide design technology.
Major clients are semiconductor manufacturing inspection equipment manufacturers with high global market share, highly appreciated the Company's proposal capabilities and the ability to respond to changing needs, not to mass-produced products, development of prototype machines and orders for custom-made products Many, OEM transactions are also made possible. We have a network of cooperating companies suitable for the application, and by selecting and managing it, we are reducing costs and increasing product accuracy.
Besides, we have experience in the design and manufacture of equipment under strong magnetic field which is a special environment.
This is the manufacture of the XYZ stage which can be operated manually remotely in the superconducting magnet inside the superconducting magnet, it is designed with the exception of any magnetic material as a characteristic, it is affected at all even in the strong magnetic field of 12 Tesla There is nothing.
We have acquired KES ・ Environmental Management System ・ Standard from April, Heisei 20, and are working to improve the environmental impact.

The main development results are as follows.

・ Semiconductor inspection equipment・ Transport equipment

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